Business of the Month

April 2018

We started Holcomb’s Classics some thirteen years ago.  We became involved with the kettle corn concession business after seeing a vendor at a state fair popping kettle corn.

After doing some research we came across Gary Mann.  Gary and his father had resurrected an age old tradition of popping popcorn in a large kettle while adding something sweet such as honey, molasses, or sugar. 

Gary and his father perfected the art of producing incredible kettle corn and started selling commercial poppers.  We visited Gary at a festival in Pennsylvania to watch him pop some corn, and decided that the kettle corn would be a great way to break into the concession business.

We have expanded our products over the years, and now include caramel corn, cheese corn, and cinnamon roasted nuts for our patrons. We are family owned and operated, so you will always see a Holcomb if you visit us at our location in downtown Wooster!


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